Deals2mall is a commitment to the e-commerce marketing firm.

Deals2mall has a number of suppliers and has our long-term data warehouse and logistics partners involved in the B2C, C2C operating platform sector, including Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, DHgate, Yitang, which cover thousands of digital products, electronics, Home Furniture , security, automotive consumer electronics products etc.

Deals2mall's mission is to provide an integrated, Internet-based global supply chain for small and medium-sized retailers worldwide. Through its innovative business model, leader in precision network marketing technology, the world's first class supply chain system.

Corporate product categories include gaming accessories, computer accessories, mobile phone, tablets, home furnishings, health / beauty, auto accessories, photographic equipment, audio video, laser / LED, auto and antique accessories and crafts, clothing , toys, jewelry and other tens of thousands of goods. Welcome to suppliers to negotiate business.

Business management idea:
Promote "entrepreneurial" corporate culture;
Keep the "conscious work" management style open;
Young executive, professional, professional team;
Make employees work hard, happy and grow together.

Core values:
Customer: customer oriented, focused on customer needs;
Goals: focus on goals, focus on performance, to ensure the effective implementation of the goal to achieve the goal;
Team: sharing together, to complete my ego;
Honesty: honesty, integrity and commitment;
Passion: never give up, optimistic;
Dedicated: a professional attitude and a common attitude to do extraordinary things;
Innovation: do not stick to the standard, with a positive and progressive spirit of innovation and innovation, and always leave the company and the individual at the leading level in the sector.

Company mission: to build a bridge between global producers and consumers, in the hands of global consumer products.

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